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This Product has changed the typical old fashioned house into new cozy home. I was dreaming to have a wood style house. This flooring and wall product has fulfilled my dream. Best of luck to the team!
Great flooring service in the town:* Unlike normal tiles and cement floor these laminated wooden floor gives the rich and attractive look to the house. My family loves the new floor.
When I planned to transform my studio space my friend suggested me to change the old looking floor too. So I went to Gohulhardware they have transformed my studio space Inyo beautiful space. Thanks to them.

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Welcome to the world of Flooring 1st time in Sri Lanka.full-service provider of all types of flooring and other surface finishes.

We are focuses on providing the best products and services for home construction and flooring. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been constantly hiring well-trained installers and other professional workers to ensure your home is both safe and aesthetically beautiful.

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We push Our Team to be the best on behalf of our clients. We understand the great things that each individual on our team can accomplish, and we strive to sustain that greatness. We stand by each other in the best and worst of times. Our loyalty to one another and to our clients is reflected in the solutions we create and the strong relationships we build.

Work Experience - 8 years