Why Bamboo ?

 1. They are durable and long lasting. Cleaning is easy and quick.
2. Eco-friendly and renewable.
3. Non-allergenic.
4. It costs much less than conventional flooring.
5. It can be easily installed over many types of subfloor.
6. Bamboo flooring offers several installation options – It can be nailed, floated, or glued.

  • Strict QC all the way from raw material. 
  • Abundant supply of raw material,reliable delivery. 
  • Lock system available,easy to install.
  • Wide range of models and colors.
  • Advanced equipment, high capacity.
  • First class R&D for new product

Caring for your bamboo floor is easy

  1. Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove the dirt and debris,and use a slightly damp(but not wet)mop for regular clearning.
  2. Quickly clean up liquids and spills to prevent the floor from swelling cupping or becoming discoloured. Remember to dry bamboo flooring thoroughly.
  3. For preventative care,entance mats and rugs in high wear areas should be considered,together with felt protectors for furniture and appliance legs.
  4. Keep any pets claws closely trimmed.
  5. Place a drip pan under potted plants, but allow airflow underneath it.
  6. Do not walk on the floor with spike high heels or athletic cleats.