Embossed Vinyl flooring



Thickness: 0.60mm

Width: 1.83m (72 inches)

Packing: 25m per roll

Weight: 42.5Kg ±2



Embossed PVC  flooring is the perfect PVC flooring option for any project. Comes in several designs embossed to the surface of this product. This in turn helps with traction and safety. The risk of slip and fall accidents is greatly reduced as the elevated studded design helps create more traction. Ideal to be used in wet conditions. PVC gives this product a good level of resistance to the ravages of water exposure, making it ideal as a marine floor option.

·        High friction due to embossing

·        Easy clean by mopping

·        High strength

·        Moisture resistance

·        Durability

·        Chemical resistance

·        100% recyclable


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